Easy DS-101

Easy DS-101 (New)

The Easy DS-101 is a USB to DS-101 adapter that works out of the box with Windows 10.  No need to install special drivers or software.  Windows 10 will automatically create a COM port for your existing or custom application to use.

All you need to do is to write your application to use DS-101 protocol over a COM port and the Easy DS-101 adapter will convert the RS-232 to DS-101 for you.  It also works with applications such as ACES, DMD Power-Station, and iApp.  The electrical data transfer speed will be increased 6 times or the standard RS-232 9600 baud rate these applications use today.

Buffers within the dongle are actively zeroized after a data transfer.

Highlights include:

  • Windows 10 – plug and play
  • Active zeriozation
  • Wake-up
  • Command Compatible with UPhil
  • Works with Tier 3 devices including:
    • Simple Key Loader (SKL)
    • Tactical Key Loader (TKL)
    • Really Simple Key Loader (RASKL®)

Part #: 07E0, Lead Free Process-RoHS

Note: Export Controlled. These devices may be subject to
United States ITAR/EAR export restrictions.