Modern Key Loader (MKL)

The Modern Key Loader (MKL) is a cryptographic key fill device, which manages and transfers strings of data (cryptographic keys) used to encrypt and decrypt information. MKL’s cutting-edge technology enables cryptographic key data to be transferred over Wi-Fi and cellular networks to encrypt devices ranging from tactical radios to GPS guided munitions to satellite communication links. This solution focuses on security, performance, and robust functionality while maximizing the use of commercial technology to enhance cost efficiency.


The MKL goals are compatibility, integration, cost savings, supportability, modern user interface, and connectivity.   

The MKL will support the management and delivery of key(s), wave form(s) and data(s) for cryptographic equipment.  It will work with the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) and Key Management infrastructure using state-of-the-art technology.   

The MKL will be compatible with other cryptographic key loaders used today.  These key loaders include the Simple Key Loader (SKL), Really Simple Key Loader (RASKL), and Tactical Key Loader (TKL).