WebSec was founded with the mission of providing high quality support to our military and commercial customers by integrating existing systems with emerging software/hardware products. Utilizing the deep technical knowledge and background of our engineering staff, we provide exceptional value for customers. We develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect, and we never lose sight of the fact that our products are ultimately used by those who valiantly serve our country.

IA & Security Solutions Provider, WebSec building in Southern California.


WebSec specializes in software/hardware architecture and development; requirements analysis and engineering, systems architecture, system specification, design, implementation, integration, testing, quality assurance (QA), and maintenance of local and distributed systems in diverse and complex environments. Our core group of engineers are versatile and experienced.



WebSec has developed USB to DS-101, DS-102, RS-232 adapters that are widely used by the majority of End Cryptographic Unit (ECU) vendors. Our newest products provide EKMS/KMI solutions for both end users and ECU vendors.


WebSec provides technical and Subject Matter Expert support for numerous cryptographic key operations, including ordering and procuring key material via KMI, STE, vIPer, and iApp. This includes providing key delivery and management support services including SKL, OTAT, and KMI. Please contact us to discuss more about our COMSEC, key distribution, and key handling services.  We can work with both government and commercial entities.


WebSec offers key fill operations and COMSEC training designed for COMSEC Account Managers (CAMs), Hand Receipt Holders (HRHs), COMSEC Responsible Officers (CROs), ECU vendors, and flight and ground personnel. Our training tools include our Simulated Key Loader Desktop application.

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WebSec Corporation was named the 2018 SBA Woman Owned Small Business of the Year for the Orange County and Inland Empire region. The award was presented to Laurie Webster in May 2018.    Press release here.


WebSec is proud to have a small, select group of very talented engineers. Our engineers are a valuable part of our team and they each bring a versatile skill set to every project.

WebSec team photo

Dave Webster

David Webster

After working in the defense industry for several years in different engineering positions, Dave decided to start a company specializing in the areas of EKMS/KMI and other COMSEC-related domains. Although he is a workaholic, he does find time to grow organic avocados and run a small vineyard that produces Vista Lejos Syrah and Vista Lejos Viognier. When not at work or home, he and Laurie enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends.


Laurie Webster

Laurie Webster
Founder, President, FSO

Laurie started her defense industry career as a technical writer and computer-based training (CBT) specialist working for SAIC on one of the original data transfer devices (DTDs). Although she wears many hats at WebSec, she really is happiest at work when she is testing or buried in documentation. When not at the office, she enjoys reading and traveling, and she and Dave cherish time spent with their adult kids and their granddogs.


Jaren Johnston

Jaren Johnston
Senior Software Engineer

Jaren joined WebSec in 2008 and it’s probably fair to say he’s had a little (sometimes a lot) to do with most projects here. Most recently he’s been focused on EKMS-related applications on embedded systems. He likes road trips, running, and red wine.


Paul Matz

Paul Matz
Director, Systems Engineering

Paul has worked as a Software and Systems Architect and Technical/Program Manager in Telecomm, Biomedical Engineering, DoD-related HW and SW Security design and development, and Commercial Augmented Reality Smart Glasses HW and SW industries. Paul was on the original Simple Key Loader (SKL) design team that won the development contract in 2003 and has developed multiple NSA Type 1 and Type 3 systems since. Paul likes to cook, read, watch soccer and lacrosse, and hike.



Dan Scott
Senior Software Engineer

Having over 25 years of experience in the software development arena, Dan joined WebSec less than a year after its inception. He is a well-rounded developer with extensive experience from standard Windows applications to Web applications to Android Apps. When not working, Dan loves reading, music, baking and is looking to get back into woodworking. His baked goods are to die for, and he continues to keep the office happy and well-fed!


Joseph Bauer

Joseph Bauer
Senior Software Engineer

Joe started on the WebSec team over 11 years ago. He has worked with embedded systems for 13 years, including 9 years on Windows Desktop and embedded mobile device applications. He previously worked on geospatial software. Outside of the office, Joe focuses on his faith and his family, including his young son. He enjoys spending time at the beach and outdoors, and likes to watch a good action movie, tv show, football, or soccer.



Vern Hawks
Senior Software Engineer

Vern, a retired United States Marine Corps pilot, has over 30 years of experience in software development in the areas of aircraft engineering and pilot training simulators, aircraft mission software, and communication software. He joined WebSec in May of 2017. Outside of work, Vern enjoys music and tennis.


Hugo de Los Santos

Hugo De Los Santos
Tier 2 and Tier 3 Subject Matter Expert

Hugo is WebSec’s most seasoned employee with 37 years of DOD experience and 30 years of COMSEC/Crypto background. He joined WebSec Corporation 8 years ago and currently serves as the Senior Subject Matter Expert (SME) on all matters related to the Key Management Infrastructure (KMI). Hugo has supported hundreds of KMI users from both US COMSEC accounts and over a dozen coalition and NATO countries. When not working, Hugo and his wife, Joyce, enjoy spending time with family members and close friends and, when not socializing, Hugo enjoys spending as much time as possible with his grandchildren. Hugo and Joyce enjoy listening to jazz music, dancing, snorkeling, and traveling.


Tim Harvey

Tim Harvey
Senior Electrical and Firmware Engineer

Tim has over 40 years of experience in hardware, firmware, software, business development and chasing after 5 children.  He started working with WebSec in 2013 developing DS101, DS102 and RS232 testing solutions.  He continued developing WebSec hardware and firmware, and in 2020 joined WebSec full-time, developing several new products from the ground up to serve WebSec customer markets.  In his spare time, Tim enjoys making electronic test equipment, playing piano, performing on stage, and still chasing his kids around.



Jordon Bruton
Software Engineer

Jordon is the newest member of the WebSec team, recently graduating  Cum Laude from Humboldt State University, where he played on the Men’s soccer team. He is eager to learn all that he can in order to become the best he can be.