Passive Data Collection

WebSec’s DCD performs passive data collection when analyzing EKMS/KMI communications. Signal timing and voltage levels are not modified by the DCD, ensuring that communications are captured accurately and signals are not
inadvertently impacted. Data is streamed to a Windows-based computer where it can be analyzed in real-time or saved for later review. The DCD can capture up to 16 million samples.

Real-time Analysis

Real-time analysis using the oscilloscope allows for the review of timing,
signals, and voltage levels. It is easy to recognize EKMS/KMI items such as voltage levels, rise and fall times, signal contention on the data lines, or t1/t2 timing. The logic analyzer displays the bytes in hexadecimal format so
engineers can easily read the data. The protocol analyzer parses and decodes the data packets into frame elements.


The DCD captures DS-101, DS-102, and RS-232 electrical signals. The DCD captures data between key fill devices (e.g., SKL, TKL, etc.) and ECUs, key fill devices and Tier 2-1/2 PCs (e.g., ACES, DMD, iApp, JMPS, etc.) or between two key fill devices.


Since data is not stored within the DCD unit, the DCD can be used in secure labs where keys are delivered to ECUs. The DCD data buffers are passively zeroized upon removal of power. Only the Windows-based PC that runs the DCD application
software will retain data.

Part #: 07DD

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